Want to spend some time on the water this summer? : Let’s Go Fishing needs more volunteers for 10th annual season


Fishing and boating means so much to thousands of people in the Detroit Lakes area every year. But what about those who do not have ready access to the water, either due to decreased mobility, or a lack of someone to take them there?

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Fun awaits in Detroit Lakes Minnesota

Home to a wide variety of outdoor activities, events, festivals, shopping, and dining, Detroit Lakes is the place to be for year round fun in Minnesota.

As one would anticipate, a city with “Lakes” in their name is the center of water pursuits and Detroit Lakes definitely delivers in this category.

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Fun Adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota

With summer brings the opportunity for a variety of fun adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota on land and water, and even in the air!

Summer fun adventures in Central and Northwest Minnesota abound for all ages!

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Hospitalized Fargo Veterans go Fishing

Detroit Lakes, MN (WDAY TV) – Finally a wind-less day. And with a lake full of fish, Big Detroit Lake played host to a special kind of “day on the water.”

A few times a summer, the Fargo VA takes some of its veterans

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Make time to get out, enjoy the lakes

The lakes area gets to be busy during the summer. It is very evident this weekend, of course, with the extremely large gathering for WE Fest.

But, if you look at the schedule we have every year, from July to the start of school,

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Let’s Go Fishing chapter needs more volunteers

Fishing and boating means so much to thousands of people in the Detroit Lakes area every year.

But what happens when one loses their mobility or someone to go with?

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Let’s Go Fishing Completes 131 Trips in 2015

on Sep 22, 2015

It’s been another successful season for the Detroit Lakes chapter of Let’s Go Fishing, the volunteer-run organization that offers area seniors and disabled residents, veterans and youth an opportunity to experience what it’s like to get out on the lake and fish, or see the sights — many of them for the first time.


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International Eagles President Visits Detroit Lakes

on Aug 28, 2015

t’s been a whirlwind trip for Penny Skinner, grand madam president of the international Eagles Auxiliary, since she left her home in Clarksburg, W. Va., on Aug. 14.

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Mann Financial Golfs for Charities

on Sep 10, 2015

Mann Financial Group recently handed out thousands of dollars in donations to area charities after holding a golf tournament designed just for the causes.

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Let’s Go Fishing ‘nets’ milestone

Since the Detroit Lakes Area Chapter of Let’s Go Fishing was first organized back in July 2008, the local non profit has managed to organize nearly 600 fishing and sightseeing excursions for local seniors, veterans, youth and disabled residents of the lakes area.