2018 Let’s Go Fishing Report

2018 Let’s Go Fishing Report

2018   130 trips           May-September

Since 2008

Total   1043 Trips (9,152 people served)


Of the 130 Trips in 2018

97 Were fishing trips (730 people served)

33 Were scenic excursions (258 people served)

41 Different organizations were served (Over 139 since 2008)

731+ adults on trips (153 Veterans) Over 257 Youth on trips

988+ total people on trips (9,152 served since 2008)

747+ Volunteer hours on trips

1,500+ Volunteer hours Board, Fundraising, Marketing, Promotion, Events

2,247+ Total volunteer hours

45 Volunteers served on trips


2018 Season

6 Trips May               30 Trips June               45 Trips July

49 Trips August           0 Trips September      (33 trips cancelled)


Top Trips Volunteers 2018

(8 or more total trips)

Fred Blum             Jim Coleman       Betty Hochhalter       Dave Hochhalter         Tim Miller       Marv Sorenson

Mike Vandal          Tracy Vandal       Dan Kuehne                Lowell Schlauderaff   Gary Ask         Gary Karlstad


Goals for 2019

125 – 135 Trips

20 more volunteers recruited (7 of those captains)

Add 2 additional new Board Members

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